Horrific Honor Killings Still Happening in 2016 – Crazy People Make a Crazy World

Did you know honor killings are still happening today? I’m talking about June 9th, 2016.

We have flying devices, smarter and smarter phones, and computers that are faster than I could never have imagined they would be 15 years ago. We also have crazy people living amongst us! And these people are making the world a crazy place.

Today usatoday published an article about how Pakistan is one of the countries where honor killings occur.

What causes this?

First of all, are we on the same page? Do you believe there is any justification of ‘honor’ for killing another person?

USAToday quoted this about the topic and what it is exactly. Why these happen:

forced marriage, honor-based domestic violence, female genital mutilation and honor killings